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My last book signing event occurred last weekend, my last scheduled “appearance” to personally sell books in 2023. That doesn’t mean I won’t jump at the chance to do it again if the opportunity presents itself, but for now, I’m done until next year.

The South Dakota Festival of Books is always a big deal. Known nation-wide, very successful authors from all over the country gathered in Deadwood on a rainy weekend to talk about their books and writing processes. I attended only one of the workshops because the people moving past Megan Kinney’s and my table was almost constant. My worries about no one coming proved to be folly. I sold more than twice as many books as anyplace else I’ve been this summer. The event for me was a total success. A few people had seen the article in the paper about me and said they’d wanted to meet me. I was extremely flattered by that, and humbled. They bought books and went on to browse all the other tables. Megan and I had a good spot at the end of a row against the wall. I’m not sure how we lucked out on getting placed there, but I’m grateful we did.

Megan Kinney is a writer friend of mine who lives the same place I do. We talk a lot about writing and how to market ourselves. We’ve shared a table at other book signing events and always have a great time. She writes crime romance and does a great job of it. Her husband worked 20 years for the SD State Patrol before retiring so she knows what she’s talking about. I read one of her books and loved it. I have her second one at the top of my to-be-read pile, and she’ll release a third later this year. Dakota Courage was just named a finalist in the 2023 National Writing Awards competition. Her books are clean and well written and edited. I recommend them to everyone.

While it’s fun sharing a table, it may be the one of the last times I do. I have too many books, and I need more than half a table to display them. Having my own table at a couple of venues this summer proved it to be true. I need the display room, especially if I release the books I’ve completed but not published yet. I hope whenever Megan’s there, we can have tables next to each other so we can continue to visit when there’s a lull. She has such an interesting life with her hubby and four daughters, three of whom she homeschools along with a neighbor’s child. I don’t want to miss out on hearing about everything.

I encourage you to stop by anywhere there’s a book signing event. Talk to the authors about their books. It doesn’t hurt our feelings if you walk away without buying anything. We know our books aren’t for everyone. It’s fun to talk about reading and get to know other nice people. My only request is please accept our offers of free bookmarks. You have no idea how many we have and how much we want you to take one. Thank you.

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