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It happened again, but this time it was much better. Hubby and I attended a Texas A&M football game in Kyle Stadium in College Station. Last year, it was cold and rainy and miserable. This year was the opposite: sunny, warm, and lovely. We had a total blast!

Last year, we attended the midnight yell practice which was quite the experience, but this year, Hubby and I were lazy. We went to bed early. We also missed the ceremony that took place at 2:42 a.m. to remember those killed by the bonfire structure collapse on November 18, 1999. The twelve college students who died that night were remembered and honored.

We spent the whole of Saturday morning watching all the pageantry that accompanies the Aggie home games. We watched as the band and Cadet Corps left their dorms and got into formation. Then we moved to the parade route on the way to the stadium. All the companies of Cadet Corps marched by us. These young men and women were dressed in uniforms. While most wore shiny shoes, the seniors get to wear tall, brown boots that signify their status. Some of the boots had special leather tags that said Thanks, Mom and Dad, had words of encouragement, or had crosses on them. The Cadet Corps is considered to be the Keepers of the Spirit and the Guardians of Tradition. I could easily understand why. Very impressive.

The Fighting Aggie Band marched by playing a marching song. I especially liked hearing what each section played as they went by me. Blended together, the music is awesome, but taken by each part, it was amazing what each instrument was playing to contribute to the whole. There’s an interesting lesson in that. They were followed by the Aggie Cavalry and wagons and a whole squad of pooper scoopers.

Reveille went by, the mascot of the Texas Aggies. She’s a very spoiled, beautiful collie who lives a life of total luxury. She’s addressed a certain way by her handlers and is treated to the best of everything.

We waited until the last minute to get tickets because they’re much cheaper then. Because there were three of us, they were harder to come by. Hubby and Daughter sat together, and I sat by myself, but not really by myself. I sat next to a very nice lady and her family. Her husband was a former Aggie tennis player. We had box seats which were very comfortable and close to the field, so the action was easy to see. Because it was the last home game of the season, parents of the senior players were on the track behind the team sidelines.

Then came halftime. One of the biggest reasons to attend. The Fighting Aggie Band! They sell tee shirts that say I’m only here to see the band so it’s not an uncommon thought. For the last game of the season, they always do the 4-way cross where the band marches from the four corners of the field and cross in the middle without colliding and without missing a beat.  It’s stunning to watch! Another last game tradition, the senior Corps of Cadets came onto the field and helped form the block T. Don’t ask me what they said because I didn’t understand it then or on the video. I’m sure it was very traditional. Watch the video.

The game was a good one with the Aggies beating ACU. I enjoyed nachos and a pop (a coke for you Texans and a soda for other parts of the US) during the game. The lady next to me was delightful to talk and cheer along with. It was a fabulous day! I was grinning for the rest of the day, especially after we stopped by and got pizza to eat for supper.

The rest of our adventures in Aggieland were just as exciting. The day before the game, Hubby and I toured the George Bush Library and bought fresh pecans. It’s a really cool place to visit, and we hope to do it again next year.

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