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April has been a blur so far. I’ve seen a lot of people and natural wonders and gone a lot of places in a short time. I fully appreciated them all and won’t forget the good things that came with them.

First, Hubby and I visited my parents which is sometimes a difficult time. They live 10 miles out of town on a few acres that have to be mowed and tended, along with a few chickens. Dad has a hard time getting around, and Mom’s memory isn’t very good. We differ on where they should be living at this point in their lives and on a lot of other issues. Dealing with aging parents, especially head-strong ones, is difficult. That said, I still love them, and they like to have us around. They live close to the best donut shop anywhere which has a big impact on my weight loss goals. This visit was the last one until next fall when we return to our winter quarters. I hope to see them again then.

We connected with Daughter and Son-in-law and traveled together to the 2024 solar eclipse’s zone of totality. The day was partly cloudy, and we didn’t know if we’d see the sun, but we knew we’d experience the midday darkness. We found a nice spot on the side of a country road about 20 minutes before totality and enjoyed a meal of junk food (our go-to meal for most celebrations). The clouds parted and allowed us to watch the sun be covered. Seeing the “diamond ring” effect and the sun’s corona behind the moon sent chills down my spine and left me speechless. I’ve seen it in pictures and on TV, but to see with my own eyes was surreal. The cows in the pasture across from us headed toward the barn. The crickets started their chorus and a rooster crowed. The air grew cool. It looked like sunset on the horizon circle around us. Slowly, the sun reappeared, and all went back to normal. We said good-bye to our kids and headed back home through the bluebonnets and other wildflowers blooming everywhere along our route.

A day after we got home, I flew to Boise to attend the Idaho Writers Guild Conference. It’s an excellent conference that provides opportunities to connect with old friends and make new ones, plus learn new information about the publishing world. I had lunch with two of the presenters. Those chances to talk one-on-one with experts is invaluable. Becca Syme answered several questions I’ve struggled with recently, and she encouraged me to keep on doing what I was doing. The next day, I ate with James Mace, a successful historical fiction writer who gave excellent advice on writing in that genre. I’m working on two books of that type that I hope to publish someday. On the last day, I won Best First Chapter in the writing contest which came with a very pretty certificate and $100. I cannot tell you how thrilled I was with that. It was confirmation that I’m really and truly a writer. I have doubts about that sometimes, so the validation was greatly appreciated.

Hubby and I are packing and cleaning and getting ready to return to our summer quarters. He’ll be home a day, then fly off to Arizona to visit a high school buddy and attend the waterless boat races. (Don’t ask me about them. Sounds crazy to me too.) I should have my manuscript back from the editor by the end of April and will begin May by making corrections and edits to it and working with my cover designer to get it ready. I hope in June or early July to have a new book released.

A life filled with purpose and opportunities is a satisfying one. I’m thankful for every moment. I hope you have that too.

Oh that men would praise the Lord for His goodness, and for His wonderful works to the children of men! For he satisfies the longing soul, and fills the hungry soul with goodness. Psalms 107:8-9

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