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This past weekend was a busy time. I attended two days of writer training and one day-long book signing event. I met so many nice authors and made new writer friends who are amazing. I also met a local new writer who desperately wanted to find a someone to talk about writing. I am more than happy to help her.

One of the workshops was about how to stage your table to attract attention. I don’t think I’ve ever attended one that covered that topic, and the presenter was really good at it. She gave us so many good ideas, I’m not sure where to start. Later, I visited a hardware store and bought a couple of small crates on her advice. They need painting and such, but they should work well. I also bought a lavender crocheted table topper at a local craft festival that will look so pretty under other books. It will give that wholesome, homey look to my table.

I was part of a historical fiction panel who talked about how to research and write about historical eras used as settings. I learned as much as I shared from my experiences. It was great fun. A retired policewoman and EMT spent more than an hour talking about the basics of law enforcement terminology and procedures. It was fascinating, and I will use a lot of what she said in my book coming out very soon.

Saturday was a busy day, meeting reading readers and other authors. For me, it was a very successful day because I sold more books than I bought by a long way. I love supporting other self-published authors and have plenty of summer reading. In my home, I have autographed books that are special to me. I should buy a little bookcase, so I can keep them all together. Another project to work on!

It’s time to get to work on that new book and get it finished. I’m still waiting on the cover, but my cover designer is waiting on me to finish. More about that later. Stay tuned!

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