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Heartwarming Small-Town Romances and Thrilling Mysteries

Wrong Day, Right Time

I continually gripe about people who don’t read the fine print and consequently, do something wrong. Today I am griping about myself. For a week, I planned to be in Spearfish early Friday morning because the Arts Festival started then. I wanted to be one of the first to look around and enjoy the day […]

The Challenges of Curious Grandsons

I have two extremely smart grandsons that we are traveling to see. Being with them is challenging due to their precocious┬ácuriosity about EVERYTHING. They ask questions about stuff far above my knowledge base, then tell me the answers. Why are they asking me? Is this a grandma test? I usually fail it. Their latest achievement […]

I’m a Poet Who Knows I’m Not

Sometimes I feel compelled to write poetry. It’s not an artform that interests me much, and I don’t read it very often. I don’t like searching for hidden meanings in poetry. So why do I feel like I should write it? I’m not sure. Some ideas come to me in verse form and out it […]

A New Laptop

Technology upgrades come so fast these days. I’m comfortable with my old computers and phones, then engineers come out with something newer and better. Having to learn something new becomes less attractive the older I get. That said, doctors say the best way to keep you mind in good shape is to keep learning new […]

Live Like You’re Dying

My dad always told me to live each day as if it were my last and one of these days, I’ll be right. While it has wisdom in it, it’s a gloomy way to live when you’re young. As I get older, it seems a better mantra to think about. Several things in the past […]

Make a List

My mother-in-law was known for making lists for everything. When the kids were young, she had a list for loading the boat before we left in the mornings. She had a list of things to pack in their camper when they headed out to Bismarck Lake each summer. She had a list of what to […]

I Like New Cars

This past week, I realized how easily I get spoiled. During the cruise, it was having all my meals cooked and ready for me to eat; having my bed made and my room cleaned without any effort on my part; and having the bathroom seemingly clean itself. I could get used to cruise life very […]

Don’t Tell …

As children, were there times when you did something you either knew you shouldn’t or had done accidently? As you stood there, your heart pounding knowing you were in BIG trouble, did you turn to your siblings or friends and say, “Don’t tell my mom and dad!”? While I was mostly a good girl, I […]