Words that Say I Love You

There are many ways to say the words I love you that don’t necessarily use those words. Sadly, we sometimes misinterpret the words said, hearing them as admonitions or distrust. Then it starts, the grumbling, the bickering. The one who said the words ends up defending themselves, and it escalates. What began as an expression […]

Visits From Friends

The past several weeks have been eventful. We had a lot of visitors from down south. It’s nice to have a house that’s easy to entertain in. The views provide entertainment and new topics when conversation slows. That’s always a plus. The first part of July, we had visitors from Arkansas and Texas. Some I’d […]

Gifts from My Foremothers

My grandmothers were very different. They both worked but, one worked in an office all her life and the other was a homemaker. My dad’s mother raised six boys and a girl on very little money. She made sure her boys went to school in clean clothes and were fed. She worked hard making clothes […]

The Changing Role of Dads

In the “olden days”, child-rearing was left to the mothers, with dads only dishing out discipline when mom needed help. My mother talks about when I was born, my dad was totally hands-off with me. He would hold me occasionally but that was the extent of his part in childrearing. As I got older, he […]

I Love Dull Weeks

It finally happened. After months of unsettled, constantly moving routines, I had a dull week. Nothing earth-shattering happened. Hubby was able to handle each crisis with relative ease. I made progress on my projects. Some may not like dull times, but I do. It means all is well, and I’m settled. The highlights of my […]

A Trip to Oregon

Last fall, when we left Boise, we’d planned to return soon on a trip to Oregon. Hubby’s mother who passed away last October left her minivan to our son. We left our car and motorhome in Boise and moved to Rapid City, intending to return shortly with his minivan and pick up our vehicles. Then […]

One More Year

Another birthday passed. I appreciate being able to add another year to my age because it means I’m still here. Add to that good health, family, friends, and full stomach, what more could I ask for? When I go through photos taken throughout my life, I remember those times like they were yesterday. They seem […]

Stop the Hate

In past blogs, I’ve hinted at my interest in finding my roots. I’m interested in names and dates, but more than that, I’m interested in what influenced my ancestors to do what they did that put me where I am today. At the same time, I wonder what my descendants will think of my decisions […]