I Like New Cars

This past week, I realized how easily I get spoiled. During the cruise, it was having all my meals cooked and ready for me to eat; having my bed made and my room cleaned without any effort on my part; and having the bathroom seemingly clean itself. I could get used to cruise life very […]

Don’t Lose Your Marvels

I’ve been seeing more and more ladies my age and older with pink, green, or blue hair. It seems to be a trend in my part of the world. At first, I thought it was strange, but the more I thought about it, I think it’s a sign of someone who is fun-loving. There’s no […]

Another Birthday

Another birthday has come and gone, but I don’t feel any older. My daughter sent me a birthday card about still being 29, and I won’t argue with her. My mother-in-law was 29 for most of her life. When Hubby turned 29, she sent him a birthday card that said, “Now we’re the same age!” […]

Old Cars, Small Bank Accounts

An anniversary recently passed. It’s been 20 years since we bought our car. In those 20 years, we’ve moved three times and owned three different houses. We keep cars longer than houses. We traded in our old 1999 Honda Accord, the one that had hit a calf, the one that had been driven in the […]

Year One in South Dakota

It’s been a year since we packed up our Boise house and came to South Dakota. Our original intent was to help take care of Hubby’s mother, but she passed a few weeks before we moved. Things such as working with realtors and storage unit rentals were already in motion and rather than try to […]

Dear 17-Year-Old Me:

You don’t know me. You haven’t even imagined me. I’m your future you. I remember you well. You’re a timid, uncertain, self-conscious girl who thinks everyone else is better than she is. School is easy for you, yet you think you’re not very smart. Consequently, you have no ambition or drive to do anything other […]

A New Home

We’re finally in our new home. It’s not a new home, but new to us. We did so much fixing on it that Hubby calls it our Project House. It isn’t the romantic name I had in mind, but I understand why he calls it that. It’s nickled-and-dimed us (more like dollared-and-dollared us) way more […]

Renaming My Business

Moving has presented all kinds of problems. I won’t start on all the personal ones, but for this writing will stick to the business issues that came with relocating to a different state. But first, let me back up. When I first started writing books, I didn’t know authors needed to establish a small business. […]