A New Home

We’re finally in our new home. It’s not a new home, but new to us. We did so much fixing on it that Hubby calls it our Project House. It isn’t the romantic name I had in mind, but I understand why he calls it that. It’s nickled-and-dimed us (more like dollared-and-dollared us) way more […]

Renaming My Business

Moving has presented all kinds of problems. I won’t start on all the personal ones, but for this writing will stick to the business issues that came with relocating to a different state. But first, let me back up. When I first started writing books, I didn’t know authors needed to establish a small business. […]

Wonders from the Bubble

It’s been the Year of the Unprecedented. The pandemic changed or impacted everything we did. Hubby and I have lived in our bubble so long we’re almost beginning to prefer it. It’s been long enough that I wonder if things will ever be as they were before. Here are several things I wonder about: I […]

Where Is Home?

Last week, I talked about how making small decisions can have lasting impacts on your life and possibly the lives of your descendants. When Hubby and I decided to sell our house in Boise, Idaho and move to Rapid City, South Dakota, we didn’t realize how much confusion would come with that. We were wondering, […]

Buying A Home: The What-Have-We-Dones

Hubby and I closed on a townhouse in Rapid City a couple of weeks ago. It has a million dollar view but didn’t cost anywhere near that much. It didn’t check many of our gotta-have boxes, but it called to us and that’s what persuaded us to write the check. A lot of prayers were […]

Buying a House, The Agony

This week, our house in Boise will officially belong to someone else. An artist will be living in our townhouse. She’s got great neighbors around her, and we wish her happy times there. She’ll get to enjoy our blueberries next spring which makes me slightly envious. The feeling of homelessness is still there, but I […]

We’re Moving

I implied it in my last blog, but I’ll confirm it now. Hubby and I are selling our house and leaving Idaho for now. Or maybe for good. We’ve been talking about selling our house for a while now. The market in Boise is hot and where we live, it’s very hot. We’re within biking […]

Making Adjustments

The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails. W.A. Ward I don’t like the phrase “new normal.” It has a sense of permanence to it, like things will never be the same again. The things we used to enjoy doing are pushed into the past, never […]