Buying a House, The Agony

This week, our house in Boise will officially belong to someone else. An artist will be living in our townhouse. She’s got great neighbors around her, and we wish her happy times there. She’ll get to enjoy our blueberries next spring which makes me slightly envious. The feeling of homelessness is still there, but I […]

We’re Moving

I implied it in my last blog, but I’ll confirm it now. Hubby and I are selling our house and leaving Idaho for now. Or maybe for good. We’ve been talking about selling our house for a while now. The market in Boise is hot and where we live, it’s very hot. We’re within biking […]

Making Adjustments

The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails. W.A. Ward I don’t like the phrase “new normal.” It has a sense of permanence to it, like things will never be the same again. The things we used to enjoy doing are pushed into the past, never […]

Thoughts on Getting Old

I had a birthday this past week which began my last year of being in my 50s.  I’m not particularly upset about that or ashamed of my age.  I figure I’m blessed to have lived so long.  I had a cousin, Lori, who died of breast cancer when she was 40, leaving behind two preschool […]

Thoughts on My Grandson

I have one grandchild, which is one more than I thought I’d ever have. I was okay with having none. Not that I wouldn’t have like a whole bunch of them, but it would not ruin my life to have no grandchildren. I would just adopt some and be just as happy. Then along came […]

Thoughts on the Retirement Boot Camp

When I retired at the end of May, Hubby had a rigorous retirement boot camp planned for me. My last day of work was a short one and I got home at noon. Hubby took me on a 4-mile hike that day. Part of boot camp is getting into shape. The consolation was an ice […]

Thoughts on Changing Plans

For the most part, ignorance is not bliss and could even be dangerous. But Hubby and I experienced a time when ignorance was bliss. We were camping in Mount Rainer National Park, the land of no electronics. There was no cell service and no wi-fi areas. We were completely out of touch with the world […]

Aging Parents

Many of my friends and I have aging parents. It’s hard to watch because it reminds us that as they are aging, so are we. This brings on a whole new set of problems: how do children take care of those who once took care of us? Is there ever a point that the parent […]