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Heartwarming Small-Town Romances and Thrilling Mysteries

Financial Literacy

Last night, Hubby and I were laughing about my first forays into adulthood: getting a loan. My dad gave me the loan papers to fill out, and I dutifully wrote in all I knew about myself and offered my 6-year-old junky car as collateral. It’s all I had to my name. When I got to […]


I’m tired! I’m over Covid, so it’s not related to that. I attribute it to the several days spent visiting my parents which is stressful. It’s not their fault…not completely. Let’s just say we don’t see eye to eye about their plans or as I see it, the lack of them. Their physical situation is […]

The Aurora and One-Room Schools

The Aurora Borealis appeared in spectacular fashion last Sunday night while I was home alone and was uncomfortable going out to dark places late at night by myself. The photos people took of the multicolored spectacle were amazing. I didn’t worry too much about missing them because it was supposed to be just as beautiful […]

Packing for Home

Our time in the southern climes in nearing its end. Our friends and neighbors in South Dakota have endured the second heaviest snowfall winter on record. While we’ve been praying for rain in the Texas Panhandle, they’re praying they don’t have to shovel another foot of snow again. We spent a very comfortable time in […]

Schools in My Day…

This past week, a friend and I were discussing how much schools have changed since we started elementary school.  She was in rural South Dakota and went to a one-room school. I started school in Tyler, Texas at a school called Dixie. My grandfather told me he loved going to a one-room school. Students heard […]

Gifts from My Foremothers

My grandmothers were very different. They both worked but, one worked in an office all her life and the other was a homemaker. My dad’s mother raised six boys and a girl on very little money. She made sure her boys went to school in clean clothes and were fed. She worked hard making clothes […]

The Changing Role of Dads

In the “olden days”, child-rearing was left to the mothers, with dads only dishing out discipline when mom needed help. My mother talks about when I was born, my dad was totally hands-off with me. He would hold me occasionally but that was the extent of his part in childrearing. As I got older, he […]

A Round Robin Story

I want to tell you about an amazing round robin. I’m not talking about a bird, person, competitive meet, or petition. This special round robin is a collection of letters, photos, and other items circulated between the Johnson family members for decades. Whoever gets the round robin takes out their old letter, reads what the […]