My Ring

For years, I wore a beautiful two-tone gold wedding ring set that had diamonds from Hubby, my grandmother, and my first wedding ring set (long story on what happened with my first set). As I aged and got arthritis in my hands, my knuckles got bigger, and I couldn’t get my beautiful ring off. Having […]

My Alone Time

I did it. Just like I said I would in last week‘s blog. I started my journal of good things that happened to me this week. I hope you got yours started as well. One of the things I’m thankful for is Me Time, also known as Alone Time. Me Time is quiet and peaceful, […]

Count Your Blessings

Happy 2023! It’s the new year which generally means we are contemplating how we are going to make 2023 better than last year. For starters, let’s count our blessings. I found this meme about how to do that. Once a week, like on Saturday night, write down one happy thing that occurred that week. Put […]

The Loss of an Influencer

A couple weeks ago, I found out through FaceBook someone I looked up to had passed away. I was surprised, shocked, and stunned. I’d seen Jace the month before and she seemed in good health, so this was totally unexpected. When I last saw her, she told me she was scheduled for heart surgery in […]

My Little Friends

You know how little kids like having their favorite stuffed animal or doll around to comfort them? My inner child is alive and well inside me because I have my little comforting friends on my writing desk, up front where I can see them. I’ve shown them in the photo. On the left is a […]

Making Time for Friendships

This past week had a few more interesting things in it than the usual routine. While I love dull weeks, meaning nothing major or stressful occurred, most of the time, it’s nice to have a little variety on occasion. You see, I’m an introvert that likes to be stay inside my house. When I get […]

Remembering Those We Knew

I attended the Black Hills Historical Conference this past week and learned many new things. The one talk that impacted me the most was from a elderly Lakota woman who I had as a professor in college. She had a big impact on me at that time and even through today. Seeing her again made […]

Being Critiqued

I’ve been thinking this week about being critiqued regarding my writing, my cooking, my driving (Hubby is notorious for this), and other things. It seems I’m always getting criticized by someone. I’ve learned to expect it from certain people and reply, “Thank you for letting me know”. Other times it causes me to examine whether […]