Our Sibling Trip to the Past

I suppose battles between sibling children are part of normal family relationships when growing up. I remember a few with my brothers, but as we got older, we mostly got along, and our relationships grew stronger until we all got married. Then our attention and energies were spent on other relationships and the sibling ties […]

Make a List

My mother-in-law was known for making lists for everything. When the kids were young, she had a list for loading the boat before we left in the mornings. She had a list of things to pack in their camper when they headed out to Bismarck Lake each summer. She had a list of what to […]

On Deep Water

I fulfilled a bucket list item and went on an Alaskan cruise with friends. It was a great time, and the memories will stay with me for a long time, not just because I took a lot of photos or the easy access to good food. It’s mostly because of the scenery and experiences. The […]

Rail-Trails and GPS

Continuing the tale of our Idaho and Washington trip, Hubby drug me away from Boise and headed northwest to Ellensburg, Washington. It’s just northwest of Yakima which will play a role in this story. We haven’t traveled in Washington much, so the roads and small towns are not familiar to us. We looked for a […]

Back in Boise

Hubby and I enjoyed a wonderful trip to Idaho and Washington in the past couple of weeks. I attended the Idaho Writers Guild conference where I saw many writer and editor friends, plus I got to spend some time with my other friends as well. Hubby got to ride the Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes […]

The Thrills of Maui

Hubby and I recently took advantage of an opportunity to go to Maui. It wasn’t something we’d planned for a long time, but Hubby is an excellent organizer and did a great job in just a few weeks. We left early on a Saturday morning, flew through Denver and Los Angeles, and arrived on the […]

Taking Our Time

Winter driving can be very hazardous, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. Caution, awareness, and patience are key to making it safely to your destination. Being retired allows us time to travel when it’s best. Before retirement, we had deadlines to be home regardless of the weather. Sometimes the weather dictated whether we made it or not. […]

Little White Church on the Prairie

Many years ago, when we lived in Spearfish with our children, we often traveled along Highway 34 to Pierre to visit the grandparents and great-grandparents. It was a three-hour journey with Sturgis on one end and Pierre was on the other, and nothing but prairies, ranches, farms, and wide spots in the road in between. […]