The Book

When Hubby and I married, I was introduced to one of his family’s traditions. Every car must have The Book. The Book has every oil change, tire change, and —get this— every gas fill-up recorded in it. In the 1970s, The Book was widely produced and could be found in stationery stores or office supplies […]

Rejoicing at War’s End

Last week, I talked about the joy felt when wars ended (see I spent last week visiting my parents. By coincidence, my dad told me about his experience when World War II ended when he was 10. I think his story is a great addition to last week’s blog. Japan surrendered in August 1945, […]

I Sound Like My Granddad

I’m considered a senior citizen when it comes to discounts. That makes me double blessed: I’ve lived this long, and I get things a little cheaper. I look for blessings wherever I can find them. Some days I feel like I’ve lived too long. I was born during the days when everyone knew who they […]