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Heartwarming Small-Town Romances and Thrilling Mysteries

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Like us, most of you are experiencing a visit from a polar air mass that has us shaking in our boots. It’s cold in Amarillo, but not nearly as cold as it is back home in Rapid City. Their temperatures are about twenty degrees farther below zero than here. Once again, Hubby and I are […]

Me and My Alma Mater

On the local news last week, I heard my alma mater, Black Hills State University, was playing basketball against the local college, West Texas A&M University in the Division II championships in nearby Canyon. My family, none of whom were here to go with me, encouraged me to attend the game. I’m not one for […]

The Night Sky

When Daughter and SIL were recruiting Hubby and I to housesit for them this winter, the carrot they kept waving in front of us was “we have a hot tub you can enjoy.” Hubby and I have never been hot tub people so I can’t say it was a much of a lure. Hubby is […]

In Deep Water

Last April, I bought a membership at the local aquatic center to get exercise. I’m not a runner, jogger, bicyclist, or hiker, and only walk short distances due to back problems and asthmatic breathing issues. I envious of those who can do all those things and wish I could follow along, but I’m stuck with […]

Let’s Read!

Reading has always been part of my life. As a child, I got in trouble for reading all day long. My parents would tell me to “Go outside and get some sunshine! Run. Play!” I would begrudgingly put my book down and follow their instructions. While I don’t read as much as I did then, […]

Staying Active

Like everyone else, I know it’s a good idea to stay active, but it’s hard for me. I’d rather find a book and read. Or sit at my computer desk and write. While those things may make my mind stronger and fitter, it doesn’t nothing for the rest of me. I’m not the athletic type […]

What Came Back

Cast your break upon the waters, for you will find it after many days. Ecclesiastes 11:1 While I don’t think Solomon had my story in mind when he said this, the verse still came to mind after an extraordinary experience this past week. But first, let me back up about 30 years ago…. When my […]

Organizing Photos

My project in the evenings this past week has been to organize and remove photos from my phone. The whole thing started when I was looking for a certain photo and had to scroll through seemingly endless other ones to find the one I wanted. It was time to thin them out and moved into […]