Thoughts on Geocaching

For years, I’ve been telling Hubby to find a hobby. I have lots of hobbies and enjoy them all. They give a sense of purpose and fulfill a need to accomplish something. Everyone needs hobbies during retirement. Hubby was introduced to the hobby of geocaching by his uncle and now he is enjoying searching for […]

Thoughts on Being Thankful

It’s the time of year when people give thanks for what they have. I don’t wait until a day in November to be thankful for the bounty and blessings I have. I am thankful for them each and every day. I am thankful to be a Christian and the spiritual gifts and blessings that come […]

Thoughts on Disney World

This past week, I was privileged to spend two days at Disney World in Florida with my daughter. Time with my daughter is very precious to me since I live in Idaho and she lives in Texas. And spending it in a magical place was the best time ever! We stayed at a Disney resort […]

Thoughts on Writing Books

A quick update this week on the progress of my book. I am working with an editor who is doing a content edit of the manuscript. He’s done an excellent job of helping me get things polished and ready to go. So far, he likes what’s there and I like the changes he’s suggesting so […]

Thoughts on the Retirement Boot Camp

When I retired at the end of May, Hubby had a rigorous retirement boot camp planned for me. My last day of work was a short one and I got home at noon. Hubby took me on a 4-mile hike that day. Part of boot camp is getting into shape. The consolation was an ice […]

Thoughts on the Baseball

Baseball is one of my favorite sports, but I don’t follow it like I do football, my most favorite sport. I only watch the baseball playoffs and World Series. This year, the Kansas City Royals, the family’s favorite baseball team, made it to the World Series. Hubby’s uncle and his family lived in Kansas City […]

Thoughts on the Lewis and Clark

Looking back at all of our travels in 2014, I realize that we followed a lot of the route that the Corps of Discovery—a.k.a., the Lewis and Clark expedition—traveled from 1805 to 1806. The Corps of Discovery left St. Louis in 1804, made their way up the Missouri River to a Mandan village on the […]

Thoughts on the Letters

Just before we left home for our summer sojourn, I packed up everything in my sewing room so our house sitters would have that closet to use. Now that we are back in our home, I’m moving everything back into my sewing room. I’m sorting through stuff and getting rid of things I no longer […]