It’s Masking Time Again

The Delta strain of the Covid virus is rampaging so it’s mask time again. Hubby and I thought we were past this when we got the vaccine. We’re ready for some sense of normal to return. I’ve never completely understood how the vaccination and wearing a mask became so politicized and demonized. This concerns public […]

Being Hospitable

When Hubby and I lived in Boise, we rarely had visitors, and when we did, it was usually our kids. We lived so far away from family and friends that few made the trip. Since we moved into our Rapid City house the end of this last April, we’ve had lots of company. It’s been […]

A Merry Season

I love this time of year. It’s such a happy season and people seem to be in a better mood than usual. It’s what we need, especially this year. The day of giving thanks set the stage for the season of giving. The Christmas spirit makes its entrance and cheers everyone up. Opportunities to donate […]

Put a Smile in Your Voice

Last week’s edition of CBS’s Sunday Morning played a short editorial about smiles behind the masks that really struck a nerve with me. I wear a mask when I go out in public (Why? Read my blog about it). I’ve been thinking about that editorial all week, and I’m sharing my thoughts. I’ve always been […]

The Gift of a Letter

I had a thrill this past week. On one visit to the mailbox, I found a letter from my oldest grandson. He’s sent me many texts and emails, but never a letter. Nothing brings a smile to my face faster than finding a letter in the mailbox. It will go into my memory box so […]