The End is Near

This week, 2020 will come to a close and I, like most other people, will be glad to see it go. It has been the most aggravating, annoying, grief-inducing, depression-invoking, lousiest year ever. It’s unprecedented. Many things were unprecedented. The fires in the western US were unprecedented. The numbers of acres burned and homes lost […]

Be a Peacemaker

“We have met the enemy and he is us.”  Walt Kelly, Earth Day 1970 Fifty years later, we have once again chosen sides – mostly against ourselves. People tend to take sides before considering the all the facts and once sides are chosen, they never reconsider their stance or the facts again. We can find […]

What to Do, What to Do

We’re living in unusual times. With schools and businesses closing, people staying in their homes, and the hoarding of supplies, it’s little wonder fear is running rampant in the streets. Whether it’s the fear of dying, fear of doing without necessities, or fear of the unknown, it’s daily growing bigger in some places and in […]