New Thoughts on Retirement

I had lunch with a friend last week. She and I worked together for seven years and she retired a few months after I did so we have a lot in common. We both love retirement, but we both miss our friends at work, but not enough to wish we were back there. We talked […]

Thoughts on Hosting Family

We live a long ways from our families so we when we have the rare opportunity to host family members, it’s a thrill! I even break out the apron and plan meals to cook. I don’t do that when it’s just Hubby and I. Our meal planning usually consists of, “What do you want for […]

Thoughts on Traveling Through History

Back home again. After almost four weeks of travel, it was good to get back into my own home. My half-way neat home turned into a storage area until we got all the bags, boxes, and sacks put away, all while wondering how we ended up at home with so much stuff. It seemed to […]

Thoughts on Second Once-In-A-Lifetime Trip

I am a very lucky mother. My daughter is one of my best friends. Not every mother can say that and I’m blessed to be able to say it with truth and conviction. I was also blessed in that she and I didn’t go through the angst that normally passes between mothers and their teenaged […]

Thoughts on Being a Night Owl

When I was working, I went to bed at 10 pm, got up at 5 am, went to work by 6 am, got off at 2:30 pm, and had most of the afternoon to do things. I work well in the mornings and less well in the afternoons. That made me a morning person, right? […]

Thoughts on Public Speaking

In Texas, I had my first public speaking engagement as an author. I was so nervous! I excel in saying the wrong things or making a fool of myself. This was another opportunity to do that. To my surprise, it turned out just fine. The people of Cross Plains, Texas are very friendly and caring, […]

Thoughts on Being Home

I can’t believe it. We’ve been home for four weeks and I’ve loved it. My bed, my closet, my kitchen, my sewing room, and best of all, my bathroom that is used by just the two of us. It’s been wonderful! I get tired of using bathrooms and showers that hundreds of other people use. […]

Thoughts on Doctors

Since we travel so much, we have to carefully schedule all our doctor appointments so that we’re home when it’s time. We’ve been blessed with good health insurance all of our married lives thanks so the government job of Hubby’s. It’s a huge blessing that we never take for granted. We always take advantage of […]