Renaming My Business

Moving has presented all kinds of problems. I won’t start on all the personal ones, but for this writing will stick to the business issues that came with relocating to a different state. But first, let me back up. When I first started writing books, I didn’t know authors needed to establish a small business. […]

Thank You

I began writing this blog in June 2014, not knowing what would come of it. I jumped in without knowing much and kept going. The first one was about aging parents. Seven years later, I’m still writing a blog and my parents are still aging. That’s special. I don’t follow the advice of books and […]

Thoughts on Writing Books

Maybe you’ve noticed that this website says “Books by C.S. Kjar” and maybe you’re wondering where those books are. They are still on my computer, being edited and rewritten, and made as good as I can make them before releasing them. I love writing and have for a long time. I have written five books […]

Thoughts on Writers Academy

I spent the past week at the Writers Academy at West Texas A&M University in Canyon, Texas. It was an amazing experience. At the beginning of the week, I knew no one, and by the time it was over, I had made new friends from all over. We were all sad when it came to […]