Let’s Read!

Reading has always been part of my life. As a child, I got in trouble for reading all day long. My parents would tell me to “Go outside and get some sunshine! Run. Play!” I would begrudgingly put my book down and follow their instructions. While I don’t read as much as I did then, […]

Being Critiqued

I’ve been thinking this week about being critiqued regarding my writing, my cooking, my driving (Hubby is notorious for this), and other things. It seems I’m always getting criticized by someone. I’ve learned to expect it from certain people and reply, “Thank you for letting me know”. Other times it causes me to examine whether […]


Sometimes something you looked forward too with a lot of anticipation turns out not as expected. That pretty much describes the past two weeks. It wasn’t my best year at the West Texas Writers Academy. I took a class about writing westerns thinking it would cover how to include historic events, what was realistic in […]

Update on My Writing Projects

I know I’ve told several of you that I am working on a historical fiction about the history of the Black Hills. I inadvertently lied. I’ve started it twice but didn’t like the direction it was going either time. It seems too big for me to tell but I have it outlined and ready to […]

Another Conference

I’m writing this a little bit in advance of the posting date. If all went as planned, I will be in Boise to attend the Idaho Writers Guild Conference in Boise. I’ve been a member of that fabulous organization for a while now, and I’ve really loved being a part of it. The members and […]

Women in Publishing Summit

For four days last week, I participated in the Women in Publishing virtual summit. I’ve never seen Zoom used so well or efficiently nor been in contact with so many writers all over the globe. Everything was extremely well organized and easy to navigate. It was an amazing experience all from the comfort of home. […]

The Life of a Self-Publisher

It’s been a crazy month. After we got back from our trip down south, Hubby got a pinched nerved in his neck. For two weeks, he was completely incapacitated. I waited on him hand and foot and did all our chores and errands. I felt sorry for him because he was in a tremendous amount […]

Renaming My Business

Moving has presented all kinds of problems. I won’t start on all the personal ones, but for this writing will stick to the business issues that came with relocating to a different state. But first, let me back up. When I first started writing books, I didn’t know authors needed to establish a small business. […]