Thoughts on the Climate Change

With all the strange weather we’ve had the past few years, climate change has risen to the top of the pool of public topics. People debate over whether there’s a such thing or not. Whether it’s human caused or natural. Whether Al Gore invented it or not. For one torturous year, I took graduate-level atmospheric […]

Thoughts on Friendships

Hubby and I have moved several times throughout our life together, either following his career or mine. In most places, I had a hard time leaving behind friends. In other places, there wasn’t anyone I missed all that much. During my seven years in Boise, I’ve made some really great friends that I cherish dearly. […]

More Thoughts on Travel

I told you all not travel in winter, but I’m having a hard time following my own advice. We made a 3½-week trip in January and we plan to make another one again this month when we travel to South Dakota again and help Mother-in-Law move to a resort. Yes, she’s moving to a place […]

Thoughts on Winter Travel

Our wintertime trip continues to be an adventure. One of the best things of retirement is being able to adjust our schedule on the fly. Our 2-week trip turned into a 3½-week trip. We spent an extra day in South Dakota helping Mother-in-Law find a new apartment. That mission was a success. We will likely […]

Thoughts on the Our Name

Juliet:   “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet.”  Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2)   So what IS in a name?  Plain, unusual, long, or short, your name identifies you from everyone else so it a name if very important.  Knowing how to pronounce […]

Thoughts on the Winter Travels

I have one word of advice for traveling in winter: don’t. It’s too dangerous and weather is too unpredictable and ice and snow are too slippery for anyone to travel in. Stay home where it’s safe and warm. However, that’s not always practical. After all, if you work anywhere other than home or live somewhere […]

Thoughts on the Sewing

For me, sewing is such a relaxing hobby. I love taking flat pieces of fabric with flowers, stripes, dots, and other patterns and cut them into shapes. And I must add that my experience as a geometry and algebra teacher years ago helps tremendously when measuring, cutting, and fitting geometric shapes. Fractions are truly our […]

Thoughts on the Cookbooks

Here’s a question: how much do you use your cookbooks when you cook? Are most of your recipes in your head or do you have to look up recipes to cook? For me, it’s a blend of both. This past holiday week, I cooked more in that short timeframe than I have for months. I […]